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Petition for Readmission

Any student who has attended SVA and then transferred to another school must complete a petition for readmission in order to return. This is the fastest way to be readmitted to SVA.

Download the Petition for Readmission packet below and submit the completed petition to SVA for review. All petitions will be reviewed by the Governing Council and staff before a decision is made. An in-person interview may be requested, where the student will answer follow-up questions asked by staff.

All students petitioning for readmission must complete the entire packet if they wish to be readmitted using this fast track plan. All others will be placed at the bottom of the current waiting list. 

Completed Packets may be submitted in person, by e-mail, or fax.

E-Mail: [email protected]
(Subject: Petition for Readmission [STUDENT NAME])
Fax: 505-452-3133 - Attn: Yadira Talamantes