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Accessing JupiterEd

JupiterEd Info
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What is JupiterEd and how do I login?
JupiterEd, often shortened to Jupiter, is SVA's Student Information System (SIS) where all student grades and vital information are stored. Parents and student have access to Jupiter through any device with an internet browser by going to SVA's custom Jupiter link.
  • At the login screen, select either Student or Parent

  • Type in your full name (student or parent) or your student's NM State ID number, and your password. Click Login.
  • If you forget your password, click Help Me Login.
  • For a detailed video tour of Jupiter, click the Video Tour link in the upper right.
JupiterEd Login Page
If you're new to Jupiter, account setup is quick and easy. From the login screen, type in your student's name or NM State ID. Jupiter will automatically recognize the student as a member of SVA.
Brand new accounts will need a temporary password, which was sent out to all parents and students at the beginning of the year.
If you did not receive an email or would like assistance with setting up your account, contact our main office at 505-452-3132.
Forgot your Jupiter password? No problem. From the main login screen, click 'Help Me Login.' Jupiter will send you an email containing a password reset link. (students have their SVA email address on file, parents will have the address they provided during registration) Follow the link to reset your password and access your account.
JupiterEd Forgot PasswordJupiterEd Password Reset Warning
If you do not have an email address on file with Jupiter, please contact our main office at 505-452-3132 and a member of our front office staff will assist you.
This is the parent and student portal in Jupiter. Clicking the hamburger icon in the upper left corner will expand the navigation menu.
On the home screen, you will see a list of your student's classes and any upcoming assignments or missing work.
  • Messages from the school will appear in the Messages menu.
  • Your student's attendance records are available in the Attendance menu.
  • The Settings menu will allow you to change your preferred language, opt in or out for text message alerts, and change notification settings. (more below)
JupiterEd Student View
Notification settings will allow parents and guardians to receive automatic Jupiter updates on their student's progress, attendance, or behavior. Jupiter will notify you by Jupiter message, email, or text message for each of the reasons listed below, including a weekly grade update.
These options will require you to have both an email and cell phone number capable of receiving text messaging on file, both of which can be entered above this settings panel.
JupiterEd Parent Settings