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Welcome SVA Families! We will use this page to share helpful resources. Check back often!
RFK School Based Health Center
Hello SVA families,
During registration in previous years, the Robert F. Kennedy School Based Health Center consents were given to families to fill out and return to the school. This year, we moved to electronic registration. Any parents who have not completed the clinic consent will have a consent form emailed to them if we have a parent email address on file. The consent will be completed online and will work off of phones.
Please click the link it provides for each student. Student date of birth is used to confirm the right form matches the correct student. After the link is used and the consent is completed the link will no longer work. For any parent who has not provided an email address please contact the school to provide an email address so a consent can be sent out. Any parent needing assistance completing forms or if they need translation please contact Rosa to 505-750-4565.
NMILC Assistance for SVA Families
Toys for Tots
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