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 The SVA English Department’s mission is to prepare our high school students for college level English. Through a rigorous, skills-based curriculum focused on reading, writing, speaking and critical thinking, we believe all students that graduate from SVA should be able to do the following: 

1. Write an analytic essay using text as evidence for a convincing argument about how the author created the text to convey a specific message
2. Read a text critically using annotations to comprehend, interpret, and analyze.
3. Speak in a public setting with confidence.
4. Think critically about texts, oneself, and the world, by uncovering meanings, connections, and biases.

 In addition, the English department is determined to:

  • inspire a life-long love for reading great literature, writing convincingly and speaking to share one’s ideas effectively with others
  • support second language learners in their quest for fluency in reading, writing and speaking through a supportive English language immersion environment