From the Executive Director: an update on SVA's Q4 Reentry Plan

January 26, 2021


Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and NMPED Secretary Ryan Stewart informed Charter and District Schools that schools will be able to begin re-entry starting February 8th. I would like to emphasize that this decision gives charter schools and local districts the authority to choose their learning model; in-person, hybrid or remote.

SVA will remain in a remote learning model until March 12, 2021, which is the end of Q3. Make-up days and conferences will occur during the week of March 15th, while students will be off for Spring Break during the week of March 22nd.

SVA’s Governing Council will make a decision on the Q4 learning model by the end of February. This decision will be made using data from staff and parent surveys and public health data available at that time.

Q4 classes are scheduled to resume on March 29, 2021. If SVA does return to a hybrid or in-person learning model, we are looking at April 5th or April 19th as tentative start dates. Once again, keep in mind that this is a local decision that will need to be approved by SVA’s Governing Council.

Prior to a Governing Council decision, the following criteria will need to be addressed:

  1. Complete a Q4 Learning Model Survey by Wednesday, February 10, 2021. This survey will be a discussion item for the Governing Council meeting on Tuesday, February 16, 2021.

  2. Completion of SVA South Campus renovation: SVA must receive a Certificate of Occupancy to begin using these renovated spaces.

  3. Complete SVA classroom room assignments along with allotting time for classroom preparation. Teachers may not receive an assigned classroom if SVA is in a hybrid model which may require teachers to rotate.
  4. Points of consideration in determining our readiness for reentry
    1. Positivity rate(s) at the time of survey and when we anticipate reopening
    2. Vaccine roll-out: how many teachers are vaccinated?
    3. Herd immunity
    4. MERV-13 compliance or air filtration devices in place: SVA ordered filters in November and they are still backordered
    5. Establish isolation room for symptomatic students: 
    6. Fire marshal and NMPED approval: walkthrough of SVA’s campus required
    7. Compliance with all CDC-PPE requirements

  5. Design a plan/schedule for student cohorts (hybrid model). Requirement for a hybrid model is no more than 50% of students on campus. 

Other points of consideration:

  • NMPED and DOH do not mandate that staff receive COVID-19 vaccinations. 
  • At this time, District or Charters cannot mandate that staff or students receive a vaccination or be tested and can only encourage and recommend that they do so.
  • Most students will not be vaccinated until the summer of 2021, given they are in the last phase of vaccinations in New Mexico

SVA Leadership Team will keep you informed as to the status of reentry or any other directives from NMPED, DOH or SVA Governing Council decisions.

Richard A. Perea
Executive Director
South Valley Academy