South Valley Academy offers students a completely different experience than a traditional high school. Here are a few of the traditions that have shaped the school over the past 13 years: 

Advisory Field Trips

At the end of each semester, each advisory will go on a field trip of its choosing. This could be anything from ice skating to lunch and a movie, or even paintball. We have found that the advisory field trip is an excellent way for new students to become acclimated to SVA and their fellow advisees.









Sandia Mountain Hike

Each year during the first quarter, SVA students and staff take a field trip to the Sandia Mountains. There, they hike the La Luz, Crest Loop, or Tree Spring trail and ride the Sandia Peak Tram back to the foothills. This all-day trip is one of SVA's oldest and most unique traditions. 






Fall Festival

Taking place in late October or early November each year, the SVA Fall Festival is a campus-wide party for staff, students, and their families. Students create and run booths and games, with funds raised going right back into SVA activities and organizations.  









Senior Prom
Coming Soon! 









Spirit Week

Spirit week takes place during the last week of October, in conjunction with the annual Fall Festival. Students and staff are encouraged to dress up in a theme costume for each day of the week. Awards for the best costumes are given during the Sprit Assembly.








Upper Division Ceremony and Privileges

In 2005 South Valley Academy initiated a ceremony to honor and recognize students who have demonstrated the capacity to move forward as upper division students.  In a quiet gathering space away from campus students have a chance to reflect together on their academic career and participate in an event that acknowledges each student as an individual.

Upper Division students receive special privileges throughout the year, which include arriving to lunch five minutes early every day, participating in monthly open campus for lunch, eating a catered lunch once a semester, and sitting in the Upper Division section of the bleachers during assemblies.  

Students must have earned 13 academic credits and complete a detailed application about how they will contribute to the school as an upper division student.