Service Learning
Staff: Thara Lechuga, Julie Jaynes, Elliot Parras

What Is Service Learning?

Service Learning is a method of instruction (teaching and learning), which is integrated into and enhances curriculum that involves active student participation in learning through planned and organized service to the community.  Students earn high school credits while serving in a variety of settings in the Albuquerque community.

 Benefits for Learners

  • Improved attendance and motivation to learn. 
  • Improved interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Improved critical thinking, problem solving, planning, and decision-making skills.
  • Understanding of the responsibilities of citizenship. 
  • Enhanced self-esteem and maturity. 
  • Pride in accomplishment and satisfaction from personal contribution to the community.

Benefits to the Community 

  • Real community needs are addressed. 
  • Agencies and businesses receive an infusion of creativity and enthusiasm.
  • Lasting relationships are built between school, program, and community.
  • Students are better prepared workforce members.
  • Students are more likely yo be involved in their community in the future.


SVA Community Service Learning Program

The mission of the Community Service Learning Program is to enrich the educational experience of students by actively engaging them in their community in order to build their capacity for civic participation and employment.  Primarily, all students go out to community placements every Thursday afternoon for 3 hours.  The program provides progressively challenging learning experiences each year designed to enable SVA students to be active community members.


 Literacy Crew (Freshmen) – All students provide academic support in elementary schools to enhance and improve the reading skills of young persons in our community. 

Community Involvement (Sophomores) – All students are placed in non-profit organizations that meet real community needs related to questions they raise about their community.

Career Exploration (Juniors) – All students participate in a real-world exploration placement with organizations and businesses related to personal and career interests. 

Senior Action Project (Seniors) – All students work individually to analyze community assets and challenges, identify and issue, and gather information in order to plan and implement their individual Senior Action Project.


Dragons Speak
We asked students what the Service Learning program meant to them and to describe their experiences. These are a few responses:

"Service learning has inspired me to always work harder
 and never give up. being outside in the community showed
 me that education does in fact pay off.”

“It is sometimes hard to keep the kids engaged
 but I can’t believe they pay attention to me!
 They are so smart and have so much to say.”

“Service learning has made me want to continue
 my schooling and get an education. It has given me
 an idea of what I want to do with my life. It has
 really made me think!”