An Open Letter to our South Valley Academy Community

South Valley Academy was founded in the year 2000. Our goal remains the same as it has over the last seventeen years; to provide a fair and equal learning environment for all. This unyielding desire for both equality and excellence continues. 

Please know that we, as a school, remain committed to our students, families, and the larger community. This year’s election results will not change our commitment. As a school, like the entire nation, we accept and uphold the outcome of the election. But we also know that the same acceptance brings with it both fear and uncertainty in the days and weeks ahead, particularly for many of our families.

We are proud to base many of our school’s programs around social justice, inclusion, and respect for everyone, regardless of our differences. South Valley Academy stands in steadfast support of all immigrants, people of color, indigenous people, and members of the LGBTQ community. These election results will not change our practice. In an all-school assembly on Tuesday, our message to students and staff was clear: Regardless of the outcome of the election, we value and appreciate every child on this campus; we value and appreciate every one of our families; we value and appreciate our community. We would like to reiterate this commitment to you now.

Through our wonderful Community Service Learning program and continued work with Albuquerque Interfaith, we remain involved in issues that matter to us. The results of this election will not stop that work. Our efforts, together with those in our community, will move agendas and influence policy.

Based on recent parent surveys collected this past quarter, we will be hosting a series of conversations explicitly based around immigrant rights and discrimination. We are partnering with local community groups such as Encuentro, Enlace Communitario, and El Centro de Igualdad y Derechos to develop these important dialogues. As we finalize these gatherings we will be reaching out to you. Your voice matters. Together, we can bring about meaningful change that will benefit us all. That is the South Valley Academy way.

Our school has an ongoing relationship with the New Mexico Immigrant Law Center, and we are currently working with their staff to find answers to the many questions that are likely to arise.  You can set up an in-person or phone appointment with the Center by speaking to Ms. Rosa Caro, one of our school social workers, at 505-452-3132 or Alejandro Macias, directly at the Center, at 505-249-4986.

In the interim, you are invited to share your concerns or discuss the election results with the Administrative Team itself or any member of our staff. Our social work team is available during the school day for students and parents alike, should additional support be required.

South Valley Academy always has and always will stand strong for what we believe is right and just.
We are proud to stand with you.


Julie A. Radoslovich

Principal / Director

Jennifer Gable

High School Head Teacher

Sean Ottmer

Middle School Head Teacher 

David Bryant

Dean of Students

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