Dragon Farm
Staff: Richard Brandt

Dragon Farm serves as a model of sustainability for the students at South Valley Academy as well as the surrounding community.   The “outdoor classroom” began as a Senior Action Project in 2007 and adopted the name of the school mascot. The farm provides students, faculty, staff, and community members with opportunities to educate themselves about the practices and health benefits of growing one’s own food in sustainable ways. The program has been integrated into the school’s curriculum, and now offers an elective class directly related to the farm.  Students enrolled in Sustainability Studies learn all aspects of small scale farming including bed  preparation, planting, harvesting, prepping, and marketing.  

 Juniors and seniors enrolled in Sustainability Studies earn an elective credit in University Studies at the University of New Mexico (Experiential Learning Seminar 175)

 Dragon Farm completed its 5th year of production, supplying Albuquerque with a source of fresh produce at growers markets, restaurants, and most importantly the school lunch program.  Dragon Farm has partnered with UNM Research and Service Learning Program.  Students from South Valley Academy work with UNM students to support gardening activities in Martineztown and the International District. For more information on the farm and its daily operations, visit http://youthfoodactionproject.blogspot.com/


Dragon Farm in the News

Aurea Cardiel, Albuquerque Health blogger for YBHC, interviews Richard Brandt, Dragon Farm Founder and Manager.


"Rock Star Farming: South Valley Academy's Dragon Farm takes root."

Courtesy of alibi.com:  http://alibi.com/news/19923/Rock-Star-Farming.html