Blake Road Construction Update: August 9, 2018:

Blake Road, just east of SVA's main gate, is now open to east and westbound traffic all the way to Isleta. Detours at Joe Sanchez have been removed. Please keep this in mind for student pick-up and drop-off.

All vehicles exiting SVA during peak hours will be required to turn right onto eastbound Blake, as was our policy before construction began. Left turns will not be permitted. Please follow instructions from our parent traffic supervisors.

Blake Road west of SVA, across the intersection, will remain closed through October 2018 as work begins on drainage, curbs, and paving. Westbound traffic on Blake is still restricted to a right turn onto Coors northbound. Left turns are not permitted. Please do not hold up traffic by attempting a left turn at the intersection, especially during pick-up and drop-off.